The competition

The Kanthal® Award is a competition to find and award innovations related to new solutions in Sustainability, Quality of Life and the field of Energy Efficiency. We believe in the power of sharing experiences, knowledge and ideas, evolving them, and introducing them to the marketplace. All with one common purpose – to make a sustainable world for coming generations.

The winner will receive worldwide recognition for the winning innovation, a diploma, a statuette and 5000€ to donate to a charity organization which supports the same criteria as the Kanthal® Award.

The winning innovation will be chosen by a jury consisting of senior experts within the area of thermal solutions. In August the names of the three finalists will be presented. The finalists will be invited to the award ceremony by the host and founder of the Kanthal® Award, Nicklas Nilsson, VP and Head of Division Kanthal®.

Kanthal® Award is open for applications until May 31.

Here’s the very important nitty-gritty on what criteria you need to meet to compete in the Kanthal® Award. They are quite tough, but fair.

These are the people deciding on who gets nominated and who’s the final winner. They are amazed at the innovation level the applications hold every year, making it hard to choose one final.

Interested in applying for the Kanthal® Student Award? Read more and apply here.