Three questions to...

… Nicklas Nilsson, president of Kanthal, about the Kanthal® Award and the new Kanthal® Student Award.

Why a Kanthal® Award?

“The best innovations are created together with others. Since Kanthal® was founded in 1931, we have always had a tradition of innovating together with our customers. We’ve helped them solve their problems, and that has always included innovation in some type of partnership. This relationship is something we’ve wanted to celebrate, and the award is a way to draw attention to our customers and their smart solutions.”

Now you have added a Kanthal® Student Award?

“Besides ourselves and our customers, we want more people to bring forth innovations and smart solutions. Sometimes it’s easier to have a broad mind and think outside the box if you enter from a totally different angle, such as the university world.

“When we invite students into the innovative mix, it’s also about the endurance and future of the industry. We want to find people who are interested in our area of electric heat treatment. What are their ideas, how can we capture and nurture them, and at the same time place us in their heads as a future employer? Well, with an award, of course!”

What will the winner receive?

“The winner will be invited to our lab in Hallstahammar, Sweden, or another one of our R&D facilities in the world to test their idea. The winner will be able to stay for up to six months in the lab, with a salary.

“I’m certain almost everyone who’s encountered electrical heating on a university level has come across Kanthal®. Coming to Hallstahammar will be like coming to the original source for the subject. Here they’ll get to collaborate with our experts. Now, our lab has tried and tested almost everything, but we hope the students will give them a challenge. It’s when people meet like this that it usually gets really interesting, and that’s when sparks will begin to fly.”