Kanthal® Award

Why a Kanthal® Award

The Kanthal® Award recognizes innovation in Sustainability, Quality of Life and Energy Efficiency. This is why we created it.

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Previous winners

Read more about and get inspired by all the previous winners and finalists of the Kanthal® Award.

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Application closed

Get all information you need on how to apply, read the rules of the competition and find out who's in the jury.

This year we're inviting the electric heating technology talent of the future to get in the race for the Kanthal® Student Award. Share your innovative ideas with us and get a chance to spend up to six months at one of our R&D centers. (Did we say you also get paid?)

If you get the right mix of people to start working on a problem, great things will happen. Solutions will surface, innovation will take shape. The reason for the Kanthal® Award is to encourage companies to always try their best to develop, never giving in to the status quo.

Bharat Energy Storage Technology (BEST) from India was last year's winner of the Kanthal® Award. Competition was fiercer than ever but this innovation really stood out.

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